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Every kitchen has a story. Saltgrass doesn’t have a story, it is the epitome of the story. It is the odyssey of mouthwatering flavors... The wonderland for little shivers of pleasure in every plate... The sensational expedition in pursuit of peerless taste. And this kitchen’s story is here to surprise you with its happy endings over and over again.

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Never mind those who say “Every story has two sides”. Our kitchen’s story has dozens of that: A great start with appetizers, a relishing body with the main dishes and a phenomenal ending led by our extraordinary desserts all with locally-sourced ingredients from the very best UK suppliers. The more we tell this story, the more you’d like to read.

But right now, how about some treat?

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Stylish dining rooms, impeccable service and timeless classic dishes are the hallmarks of Saltgrass.

Hospitality runs throughout Saltgrass, from the warm welcome at the door to the merry staff, making the story of this kitchen a delightful one from your first drink to your last bite.

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